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      Your position: HOME > PRODUCTS > Access Panels > Metal Access Panel
      — Australia Welcomed Recessed Access Panel —


      1.Strong welded construction for ceiling or wall application.
      2. Paintable grey powder-coated finish provides high durability and corrosion protection. 
      3.Feathered edge frame or wet wall set bead edge. 
      4.The door leaf can be left or right opened. Fully concealed door hinge.
      5.With slotted twist latch, straight screwdriver operated.
      6.Easy to install adjustable fixing flat.
      7.Good value for all plumbing, electrical, mechanical applications.
      8.Standard sizes in 300x300 mm, 450x450 mm and 600x600 mm.Special size available upon request

      2.Access Panel  AP7041 Standard size

      Model NO    Normal sizePacking size
         inch     mm
      Flanged metal access panel AP704112*12300*30010