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      — Company Profile —

      Wuhu Aihua Industrial Manufacturing Co.Ltd,located in beautiful Wuhu City of China,is specialized in producing electromechanical equipment,HVAC&R equipment and parts,machine parts,metal products,skylight,access panels,etc. The production is according to the standards of GB,DIN,BS,EN,JIS,ANSI,ASTM,ASME,ISO,CIS,etc.We can manufacture products according to customers'drawings or samples.

      Over many years experience of manufacturing and exporting to Europe,USA,Australia,the Middle East and South America, we have strict system for quality control and production planning,to guarantee consistent quality.

      Wuhu Aihua Company has been keeping to make great efforts to update our management,techniques and efficiency,so as to provide much better services for customers.We will provide much more valuable products and upgrade the user experience from quality,service,technology,appearance,srtucture,function,design,details,etc...,to share the future together!

      Committed to long-term mutual beneficial cooperation ,we cherish every business and friendship!